Christina Martin

Christina Martin has reached that point on her award-winning album ‘It’ll Be Alright’, a 10-song collection that finds the Nova Scotia-based singer-songwriter attaining what her music has always suggested, a place where the ghosts of her musical heroes freely mingle with pop-rock’s modern architects.

Working closely with her long-time producer and guitarist Dale Murray (, Martin made a conscious effort not to be bound by the expectations of those who have categorized her in the past as an alt-country artist.  ‘It’ll Be Alright’ utilizes far more sonic textures, allowing Martin to explore the many sides of her musical personality.

Born in Florida and raised in Canada’s Maritimes, Martin’s musical journey since her first release in 2002 has led to extended stays in Austin, Texas, as well as Germany, from where she has cultivated a substantial following across mainland Europe. Along the way, she has earned multiple East Coast, and Music Nova Scotia Awards, had songs placed in television programs, and even performed for Queen Elizabeth II in Ottawa.

A powerful album, and always an unforgettable live experience whether performing with her band or with her guitarist Dale Murray – for Christina Martin, things are shaping up to be a lot more than alright. via


2008 Music Nova Scotia Female Artist Recording of the Year (Two Hearts)
2008 Music Nova Scotia Pop Recording of the Year (Two Hearts)
2009 East Coast Music Award Pop Recording of the Year (Two Hearts)
2012 Music Nova Scotia Female Artist Recording of the Year (Sleeping With A Stranger)
2014 Music Nova Scotia Inspirational Recording of the Year (Remember Me – EP)
2016 East Coast Music Award Pop Recording of the Year (It’ll Be Alright)


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