Hawksley Workman

It was a tough decision for the weekend in Toronto. Should I go see The Glorious Sons or head over to the Phoenix Concert Theatre and see Hawksley Workman perform. I don’t know much about Hawksley so the decision was made to try something new this time around.
Opening the night was lovely British singer Fiona Bevan who is a multi-platinum selling English singer-songwriter. She co-wrote, the song Little Things which became a number one single for One Direction. She also co-wrote Voodoo Doll with Australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer for their debut studio album, and performed on Gwyneth Herbert’s 2013 album The Sea Cabinet, sharing writing credits on two of the songs. Her debut solo studio album is Talk to Strangers.
Hawksley Workman and band played for about 90-minutes, and returned immediately for the encore. Workman also invited a young woman up to the stage. She was diagnosed with cancer and singing with Hawksley Workman was high on her ‘to do’ list. The two of them sounded great to these ears. The whole show sounded like a performer performing in front of his friends. He was loose and told many stories as he also joked with the audience. All in all a satisfying performance, but perhaps next time, The Glorious Sons will be the choice of parties.
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