Lauren Malyon AKA Lyon is a small town girl who fell in love with the big city. Lauren began playing violin at the age of 3, piano at the age of 6, and began songwriting at the age of 15. In the summer of 2012, she teamed up with writer/producer, Japeth Maw and created Lyon.

Described as innocence meets disillusionment and disillusionment meets hope, Lyon’s first single and title track off of her forthcoming debut EP, Indian Summer, is electronic music with a human soul made by the girl next door who has a secret. It wants to say that sometimes you can’t keep the one you have. Sometimes you can’t play out the movie inside your head. In the world of Lyon, things don’t happen for a reason but they do naturally and beautifully fall into place.

In the spring of 2013, Lyon signed with Canadian indie label, Black Box Recordings and released her first single, “Indian Summer”, shortly after. Indian Summer hit #1 and #3 in Oct 2013 on the M3 Top 20 and CBC Radio 3, respectively.

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