Passenger was a British folk rock band established in 2003 in Brighton and Hove, England. It was fronted by Mike Rosenberg, the main vocalist and songwriter of the band, and Andrew Phillips. The band was at various times a quartet and a quintet. The band’s name was stylized as /Passenger. (with a slash at the beginning and a dot at the end).

The /Passenger. debut album Wicked Man’s Rest was released in 2007 on Chalkmark. All 11 tracks of the album were co-written by Phillips and Rosenberg. Soon after the release of the album, Andrew Philips left the band. The band broke up later in 2009.

After the band’s break-up, Rosenberg continued his solo career using the name ‘Passenger’ as his moniker, releasing the albums Wide Eyes Blind Love (2009), Flight of the Crow (2010), the critically acclaimed All the Little Lights (2012), Whispers (2014), and his latest Whispers II (2015). He also released a fan-only limited edition Divers and Submarines in 2010.